The children of the famous Makonde master sculptor Robert and Amande were as good carvers as Mr.Malaba. They have been tought by their father since when they were children. During the high demand for the Lilanga fiigures they were second largest producers of the figures after Mr. Malaba. After George Lilanga died they lost the job and moved from Mbagala (They were neighbours of George Lilanga) near Mkuranga south of Dar es Salaam. where they work on farm. Fortunately Hendrick Lilanga has helped them recently and took a pair of figures to his studio frequented by art dealers. As you see down the figures are properly signed. Even the name of the painter is added - in this case it is Bakari Amba - grandson of George Lilanga and brother of Hendrick Lilanga who in fact painted many scultpures directly at the Lilanga studio during the Lilanga era.

Photo left: Amande Karinto posing with some of his Lilanga figures. Instead of the Lilanga sign you see the numbers 22 and 23. The Lilanga sign was probably added later? Photo upper right: Hendryck Lilanga and my motorbike Photo down right: Bakiri Amba is painting Photos below: The sculptures below are made by Robert and Amande Karinto and painted by Bakari Amba





The Malaba studio gets worldwide recognition and the Lilanga art is shifting to Malaba art. This year there was exhibtion in Aahlen Germany with Lilanga signed sculptures but the organizers has written under the sculptures that the author was "Malaba". Another exhibtion with Malaba art is shown at Kunsthalle Schnake. Photo Below Left: art work by Vinta Malaba. The artists wanted always to sign by their own name but they were discouraged by the George Lilanga. There were even cases when Agustino Malaba signed as "Malaba" and later he found his pieces sold under name of George Lilanga. As you see on the photo above the artists are keen to get direct access to art lovers and markets - they write sometimes even a telephone number on their art works.

sign Vinta Malaba Vinta Malaba Agustino Malaba Agustino Malaba


Increasing numbner of journalists are arriving to Hendrick Lilanga to get his own explanation of art works he has created. Without them the art work of Hendrick would be missunderstood. The layman may think Hendrick is barely copying the art work of his grand father. But the opposite is true - Hendrick has developed the art to new hights. Hendrick says: "The art dealers with art work of George Lilanga does not like me, but the customers love me. In Zanzibar the tourist guide introduced my pantings: this is a painting by Hendrick Lilanga, a copy of George Lilanga" But slowly the art community starts to appreciate Hendricks art; read the latest article about Hendrick´s art in the Belgium art magazine "Wereld Cultuur" (PDF).

See the details here. The background is varying in color.






Hendrick Lilanga

This painting is completely different from the traditional Lilanga art. Especially the background is welcoming change from the "one color background" known from the Lilanga studio. Hendrick does not want disclose the teqnicues which he used to create the background.Hendrick uses silk as background while George used water based color for the background

Hendrick Lilanga

If you look closly the Hendrick Lilanga artwork has advanced since he workd with his grandfather George Lilanga. The Shetanis (devils) has hair and also shades.




Hendrick Lilanga

All houses in Hendricks paintings har rectangular while his grandfather George Lilanga painted houses in "egg shape". The roof is sharp on Hendrick´s paintings, the roof is round on George Lilanga´s paintings.The window design is also different.



The paintings below could be mistaken for George Lilanga art work. But if you look more closely you wiil see differences. The circles are different, the background decoration, different style of houses. The quality is unsurpassed, don´t forget that George Lilanga did not paint, he only sketched. Whoever is byuing the old George Lilanga paintings (from 1993 and on) there are Hendricks Lilanga`s hands on it. (or Noel Kapanda´s)
Hendrick Lilanga Hendrick Lilanga Hendrick Lilanga Hendrick Lilanga
Hendrick Lilanga Hendrick Lilanga Hendrick Lilanga Hendrick Lilanga