...The attack on George Lilanga’s heritage maybe unintended but at it's core actually a racist statement. All of us that are concerned with the arts will know at least some of the greatest, most prosperous Western artists ever such as Damian Hirst, Andy Goldsworthy, Arne Quinze, Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Roy Lichtenstein, Christo, Alexander Calder, Salvador Dali, Richard Serra, Pieter Paul Rubens and so forth. I could go on and fill the page with names. Don’t we know that these artists use(d) an army of assistants to get their oeuvre produced, developed and expanded to its full potential? Yes they did, they certainly did, all of them (read more)


After the death of George Lilanga the Mchisa paintings got increasingly popular. He has mastered the Lilanga style so well that he got huge orders. When the Lilanga market became turbulent the confused art lovers as well as tourists opted for a “true” Mchisa paintings rather than for “faked” Lilanga´s ones. (read more)



After Afrum published the article Lilanga: The Fraud of the Millenium, the German online gallery Shikra asked on it´s webpage: Would some of the worlds leading auction houses such as Sotheby’s e.g., allow themselves to be tricked over a period of decades? Wouldn't their teams of experts have become just a little suspicious if there was a feeling that the artworks weren’t from Lilanga? (read more)




Also Noel Kapanda told me stories about how he used to "escape" whenever any art dealer was about to visit Lilanga´s studio. Actually Noel Kapanda worked in Lilanga´s studio every day in the period of 6-8 years. Noel Kapanda was also a teacher. He taught for example George Lilanga how to paint Lilanga art. All the earlier works are painted by Noel Kapanda. Noel Kapanda told me that he tried to teach even George Lilanga but he failed again and again. (read more)


Agustino Malaba is still carving the Lilanga style figures as he always has done for George Lilanga. He is the best "Lilanga carver" in the world, probably even better than his uncle. Fortunately now signing as Malaba and developing new themes. Good luck for him, others try to catch without success. (read more)




Malaba, who has five children himself, never envisaged then that by agreeing to sign the works with his nephews’ name then, it would cause such confusion today. However, what really troubles the carver is the children do not want to have anything to do with him or his family. And to add salt to the wound, they went and brought the police to his home, demanding that he stopped putting his name on certain artworks, which they claim their father had the exclusive right to. (read more)



Sarenco, Italian curator, rightly told them that falsification of Lilanga will destroy the market. That group of artists who were employed by George Lilanga off course were still producing... They translated these advices into their own language and really acted upon it - only them have right to continue in their family matters, they say. And only them have right to sign as his father. (read more)




Until now we know 14 artists who participated in Lilanga art (read more) 5.1.2009

1. George Lilanga
2. Mateo
3. Valentino +
4. Robert Karinto
5. Amande Karinto
6. John Saudi

7. Agustino Malaba
8. Vinta Malaba
9. Tobias Stephano
10. Kapelo Shaban
11. Hendrick Lilanga
12. Bakari
13. Mchimbi
14. Noel Kapanda